Sunday, 2 May 2010


I am a bad bad blogger.. *bows head in shame*

In my defense I've been literally going insane.. INSAAAAAANE =O

And now I have to go and continue studying 'handmaid's tale' and perhaps start 'of mice and men' because my exam is tomorrow and I know about 20% of what I should know =)
How grand.

But I should be back as a "regular" in summer, even though I won't be working at a computer like last year (I believe) though I'll have time. Ahh, time. Sounds like the American Dream itself >.<

So, so long my fellow non existent followers.. TO MY BOOKS =D

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hello world =)

So sorry for the lack of updates, not like any one cares =P
I'm sitting in the SMC common room painting my nails with the coolest nail polish ever ♥ - orly's shine on crazy diamond! That, and watching Lady Gaga on trace.. I'm sorry, but I LOVE her! She's so damn unique o.O

My nannu finally came home last night.. Yay?- no =|
He's worse than ever.. So if any one is actually reading this, I'd really appreciate the prayers.

Need to cut this short, want to go home and continue working, these exams will be the end of me =(

So if it's not too much to ask, prayers for my nannu, please please.

Many thanks and blessings.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

the contrast within three days..

Hello world!

So my carnival weekend spent in malta was.. different =P

Friday night, beautiful.. "the mafia, the absinthe faerie, the mexican, a cowboy and nikki" .. Wicked =D

That's us!!

From saturday night till monday night dan and I mummied george, and eventually kati and bianco haha! It was very sweet I must say. We cooked, we laughed, we fought, we made up.. funny stuff ie the usual =)

Kati and bianco were hilarious "roomies" . Rather fun weekend =)

(kati and bianco's welcome present.. BAHAHAAAA CHEESEY MUCH?!)

Monday night I slept at dan and on tuesday came home to find george crying his heart out behind the garage door- what a baby ♥

That was my holiday.

Now is reality..

My nannu has been through hell and back for 33years of his life, health wise. Through everything that's been thrown his way, yesterday we found out that he has got serious cancer and has been given a maximum of two months to live.
Please, I'm begging for prayers.. Not for him to live, but for his suffering to seize.

Talk about drastic change from one day to the next..

That's about it really, just please, keep him in your thoughts and prayers

'Till next time,

Friday, 12 February 2010

carnival =)

Hello world =)

Yey it's carnival =D .. and I'm one of the few losers stuck here in malta -.-'
Lame much?! Well, dan's mum didn't let him go because it's a wasted weekend (studying wise) ladidaaa. So I'm staying back on the rock with him.
However, kati, bianco, maxine, nikki, dan and I are having our own like dressing up night in lonely paceville this evening o.O
All I know is that I'm going to be the absinthe faerie *glee* and I'm going to miss danelle a lot >.<
So I'm listening to nickelback to keep my life going haha!

Inspiration wise, still dry =/

speaking about dry.. my nails ARE NOT!! I, being the nice person I am, went to help my mum see what to wear to go to barcelona tomorrow.. yeah I smudged FOUR!!!!!!!! moral of the story kids- DON'T HELP PEOPLE!.. It will bite you back in the ass somehow, don't ask me why, but it will =/

Ahh well! Hope to see at east one person I know tonight other than our little reject group XD

To the rest of you, enjoy gozo *MEANIES!!* haha!!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Hello world

Sadly, the title is not positive =(
I need inspiration, BADLY!! I have so much to paint, but no ideas to actually put down on paper.. hence the picture (which I LOVE by the way XD)
So this is just a short post before I go try and draw but then give up cos I can no longer think =| oh well.

Hope you all have a wonderful day whilst I sit here and rot ^^ haha!

Friday, 5 February 2010

go blow yourselves up, damn it!!

Hello world.

Ok, seriously now, this world SUCKS! What the hell is wrong with everyone?!
I've come to realise that there is not one person involved in my life that is not either selfish, rude, judgmental, hypocritical, arrogant, insensitive bla bla!
BLEHH!! Horrible people, terrible actions, dying morals, poor poor earth ='(

I'm sorry, I'm just so sick of absolutely everyone. Honestly, I was that I could find a hollow tree in the middle of a peaceful field and just live there forever.

No more people = no more bullshit.

And that is exactly how I feel!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

finally.. happy 2010

Hello world..

Yes, yes, I know- I'm sorry. I haven't blogged in four months.. I could give excuses, and I shall, but it was still very wrong of me and even though barely anyone ever looks at anything I write, I do feel guilty *blush*

So, after cyber surf closed down, and we went camping and, dan and my one year, we started school. That meant less free time and even more sadly, less time lazing about in dan’s room =( Now, my internet at home- SUCKS!! Plus, I was chucked out of the study and told not to use the “family computer” because it’s the family’s and not mine- go figure *facepalm*. So I was lumped with THE SLOWEST laptop in the world.. And after about a month, I couldn’t take it any more and I ordered an acer aspire 6930g from, waited about 3-4 and VOILA, laptop ♥
However, extremely sadly, my internet remained sucking and, even though they came to change our modem three times and bascially tried to tell me that my internet is fine and I’m a liar, I never got down to doing anything other than fb and ebay and maybe a few more sites that don’t exactly require the internet to keep working (cos when I did, the swear words.. HAZIN)

To recap the last four months:
  • I bought a car ♥ a cute little black fiat uno, aka, my ferrari =D
  • I’m officially 18 haha! Dan and I kinda through me a brilliant surpise-ish birthday party that I knew about XD it goes like this- rache: Dan I can’t make a party list so screw it, no party. Dan: Don’t worry rache, I’ll make the party list with the number of people your mum lets you invite, all you have to do is prepare everything and that week I’ll tell you who is coming. Rache: BRILLIANT PLAN REEEHEEEALLY =D !!!! ‘Twas simply awesome.. Soooooo many cakes and muffins and cupcakes and biscuits and coffee and hot chocolate and tea (BLEH) and baileys and tia maria and amaretto and brandy and wine and omnoms ♥ just beautiful ^^
  • I ended my 27month relationship with jc
  • I’m officially sitting in a st martin’s classroom which leads me to this.. turns out that once I’m doing art alevel and I had registered through a school, the moderator needs to see my work through a school, lame huh? Oh well, luckily lovely auntie rita managed to get me into st martin’s for revision lessons and to basically do everything arty that was meant to have accumilated over the last THREE years in 16 weeks (now 14).. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA- no joke =|
Oh and HAPPY 2010 =D (although I'd rather refer to it as 2009 part 2- 2010 doesn't have a nice ring to it =/) NYE was nothing short of brilliant =D .. Actually the picture is one I took a few minutes before the count down, preettyyyy ♥

That’s the last four months in a nutshell. You know, minus all the drama and the sickness and the boredom and all the basic problems that come with life. Though an amazing person, Josette, passed away. That was a very hard time. Always will be in my prayers and in everyone else’s. She’s gone to be with her Saviour, sufferring has passed and I’m sure she’s loving it up there =)

Also, today dan and I are officially 1 year four months =O that’s 16 months o.O and my nanna is now 81 XD We surprised her with a beautiful flower plant and a lemon cake and basically spent 2hours sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee and tea whilst munching on the lemon cake ♥ .. So much for my diet XD .. Yes I’ve tried to start dieting again, seems to be failing but AHHHH can’t stand the way I look really =/ Though I have made birthday plans for my 21st that include a little snip-snip-SUCK OUT ALL MY FAT-stich-stich >.<
Hmmmm what to say.. Doubt there is anything really.. Not like anything interesting has been happening other than art, essays and lack of sleep =(

OH OH!! I do have a new mini glitter lamp which I got for free =D (saved €19.99 woot ^^ ) because my mum had bought it as a christmas present and then decided to buy that person something else thinking she’ll keep the lamp for my sister’s birthday who, very conveniently, decided to mention how she “hates glitter lamps cos lava lamps are like sooooo much cooler BAHH, duhh!!” (ok, minus the BAHH..) Now I had wanted a black metal one with silver glitter but found out that, one- it worked with batteries and I’d have to stay buying an adapter to plug it into the wall, and two- the movement of the glitter was not by heat but by a motor which made it fly around like a flock of wild geese being attacked by tom and jerry or something =/ So yeah, I got a free silver/purple glitter lamp =D yeyyyyy freeness ftw ^_^

Ok, now that is about it =P

I hope to blog soon though, keep this as my “well of sanity” or something like that anyways XD

Until the next time, which I hope is reeeeeeally soon (promise to make an effort)..

Blessings =)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

a whole year ♥

Hello world =)

It's 7:50am and I'm sitting in dan's room, completely hungover XD Ahh the consequences of not drinking all summer and then drinking ALMOST A PITCHER =O I've become a lightweight. Funny, a year ago I used to drink like a parched horse XD But it is not of this matter that I'm blogging..

Dan and I are officially one year ^^ Which means that a year ago was my last shift at hanks, meaning that 52 weeks ago him, beppe and kati came to visit me at work and I dedicated "I kissed a girl" to "KETRINI", meaning that 365 days ago dan kissed me, asked me out, and almost got me fired on my last day. How sweet =P

In all honesty, this year was so strange, so different. I can't believe it's passed already, yet so much happened it makes sense. And from begging kati to make sure he doesn't ask me out so that I won't end up in a relationship, I'm sitting here looking back on the last 375 days and remembering that feeling of utter excitement during the first ten days of "pre-us", when there were the shy and risky moments that come with the start of something new. I remember every time we met, practically everything we talked about and that feeling of euphoria which would erupt every time I thought of him. Now, I still feel it, but stronger, changed- I feel safe. I am loved =D and I love him, incredibly =)

Through the ups and the downs I can't describe how happy I am that beppe got me interested and that kati told him to ask me out not even ten minutes after I asked her to make sure he doesn't XD Clearly the best decision I've made in my life =)

So that's about it.. I'm off to wake him up, maybe play some playstation 3, go shopping for cereal and ice cream and spent the day at a flat pigging out whilst watching dvds/playing ps3 =D

Thursday, 17 September 2009


I'm sitting in the living room on this stupid laptop and my dad is watching bbcprime. One of those 2 minute shows about fashion or something was on and the final line was "beauty is only skin deep".

Is that true?

How many people are considered beautiful, yet how many people are truly beautiful? Doesn't the soul count? Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what really does make a person beautiful? Is it the soft, supple neck and full lips of a woman? The profound jaw line and sparkling, almond-shaped eyes of a man? What of body shape; why is it that most girls think that fat is gruesome, yet guys think it's sexy to be able to grab something? And the girls who love their love handles and the guys who think that girls who look like twigs are like goddesses? Light, dark, curvy, slim; they all evoke an attractive sensations when said, but are we all that interested when we see something out of place on someone else's body? Would it stop us from loving them the way that they should be loved?

Turning onto love- what about the defects lovers always fail to notice, or the defects that they grow to love? The words, "I love your .." comes out often, but what if ".." changes? Is the other still as beautiful? What of love that ages; what does age do to beauty? Does it steal it away, or does it enhance it? Does our perception of beauty mature as we do?

How about plastic surgery- is someone who has made themself beautiful truly beautiful? Is it right to consider them to be a beautiful looking person if that's not who they really are? Isn't altering your looks considered lying to the world? In that case, how can dishonesty be considered beautiful?

What about people who are considered plain or perhaps even ugly, yet have the most heart warming personalities- aren't they beautiful too? And the stunning people who walk through the streets turning eyes wherever they go, yet have lethal venom running through their veins and will not hesitate to strike at someone for any apparent reason- are those people still considered beautiful?

Really, all I can ask myself is, what is beauty?
Are we all beautiful in our own different ways? Or are we something else leaving the term "beautiful" for those people who are considered to be "perfect"?

.. I wonder.

camping.. le ta, hazin!

Hello world =)

So.. camping. Fail.

It kinda like reaaaaaaally sucked =/ and the story goes like this..

Wednesday morning, dan's mum took herself, him and I to price choppers for a mahusive shopping spree that went over €500 =O yeah but dan and mine was like 60 =P It was hilarious I must say, dan and I are such losers XD Then we went to his house, to mine, to scan (to get my camera back WITHOUT the usb ports and my memory card- lying assholes), back to my house, and back to dan's. Started packing at seven, left his house, went to kristina's and by like half ten walked to paceville. Had a relaaaaaxed evening and walked back to dan's house by 1am. We slept at like 2am, woke up at 7am and got all excited, showered, I blogged, and weeeeeee left to pass by my house and then go to selmun. Dan and I had an hour of literally LOL and then jean, emma and kikka came. by 12am, a wasp flew UP my shorts leaving me screaching in my underwear whilst an old couple passed by (I swear it's true XD) and one conveniently landed on my leg and felt the need to stong me out of NOTHING.. Thus, I am now scared of wasps- shitless!

Oh, and the heat. It was horrible and sticky and blehh and I wanted to DIE. It rained and I was so excited but yeah, my tent, it isn't waterproof if there's WIND and rain =/ And then there was more heat and more wasps and the sea was lovely but I hate stripping down and actually getting into the water so it took forever and then it was all dirty and guess what, more bloody wasps!! Oh and then my newly fixed camera broke. How delightful.

By sunday, I couldn't take it. I poured buckets and the whole campsite turned into a lump of clayish mud. It was disastrous. Dan and I spent almost two hours trying to pack everything away cos of the giant mess and we went through the campsite clearing up and by 2:30pm we were at my house.

Thank God.

We spent around two hours cleaning everything from the mud that had clayed itself all over anything in it's way, showered, ate and went to dan's house all squeaky clean and sunburnt =)

All in all; camping- fail.

Though it was mighty horrible, there were the few things that were pretty brilliant. Like "kisra hobz" and mike dan and I in a tent that's barely big enough for me, dan wacking the shit out of like a billion wasps and dan and I spending forever in the water leading to me losing and thankfully finding my favourite necklace in the world.. Basically the stupid little things that happen here there and everywhere =)

Dan and I have remained living on the little food we took up with us, meaning lots of fake crunchy nut, couscous, woody we left at his house (douches) and marshmallows XD .. Imbasta me and my healthy diet ahh XD

Now our resources are coming to an end lol so well, no more camping for us =P

So that's it, the camping post =P I'm off to rape my room haha..